July 30 – Day 57 +

It has been a while since we updated our walks.  Life has been keeping us busy.  This morning we checked out a new walk.  The Bee Branch Restoration project is a beautiful and a very useful flood mitigation park.  The Bee Branch which meanders through north east Dubuque has caused a lot of damage to home owners over the pass several years. Check out the city site if you want more information: Bee Branch Restoration

Mileage: 1.45
Time: 35 minutes
Temperature 70° F.


July 12 – Day 54

The morning after!  We had 3 inches of rain last night.  We thought an early walk would be nice before the world heats up.

Mileage: 1.33 miles
Time: 30 minutes
Temperature: 74° F. (Humidity – 87%)

Garden at Clarke University.

June 26 – Day 46

Nice evening walk.  Tom came along tonight.  It was fun identifying plants on the Clarke University Campus.

Mileage: 1.41 miles
Time: 40 minutes
Temperature:  69° F.



June 24 – Day 44

Saturday was a busy day for us.  The Dubuque Master Gardeners’ Tour of Gardens happened.  Our garden was on the tour.  We had about 200 people go through our yard and gardens.  Lots of fun!

Carwyn and I did manage a short walk before the fun began.

Mileage: 1.11 miles
Time: 25 minutes

After the tour, friends came over to play.  A great time was had by all.



June 23 – Day 43

Evening walk through Clarke University Campus.

Mileage: 1.5
Time: 35 minutes
Temperature: 72° F.

We walk by our neighbor’s prairie

garden when we head to  the university.  Every thing is blooming – very wonderful!



June 16 – Day 39

Morning walk, warm and muggy.

Mileage: 1.12 Miles
Time: 25 minutes
Temperature: 67° F.
Relative Humidity: 85%



June 11 – Day 36

Miles: 3.42
Time: 1 hour 20 minutes
Temperature: @84° F.

I think our Sunday morning walks are going to have to be earlier.  It was warm and very muggy by the time we finished.  Carwyn drank most of my water.

Penstemon from the Rotary Botanical Gardens in Janesville, WI