August 15

Today’s walk after a quick rain storm.

Mileage: 1.0 miles
Time: 29 minutes
Temperature: 74° F.



August 4 – Day 59+

Very cool day, I needed my sweater.  Carwyn loved it.

Mileage: 1.37 miles
Time: 32 minutes
Temperature: 67° F.

Our neighbor is building an addition onto his house.  We had to stop and check out the large equipment.



August 2 – Day 58+

Another quick walk at the Bee Branch. Crews were working hard cleaning up from the last week’s storm.

Mileage: 1 mile
Time: 23 minutes
Temperature: 75° F.



July 30 – Day 57 +

It has been a while since we updated our walks.  Life has been keeping us busy.  This morning we checked out a new walk.  The Bee Branch Restoration project is a beautiful and a very useful flood mitigation park.  The Bee Branch which meanders through north east Dubuque has caused a lot of damage to home owners over the pass several years. Check out the city site if you want more information: Bee Branch Restoration

Mileage: 1.45
Time: 35 minutes
Temperature 70° F.


July 16 – Day 56

Started our Sunday morning walk earlier than usual – hoping to beat the mosquitoes and any possible rain.  No mosquitoes, but lots of gnats.

Mileage: 2.46
Time: 45 minutes
Temperature: 74 ° F. (Humidity – 85%)

Carwyn pondering the events of the day.

July 13 – Day 55

I am late posting this.  We had a couple of days with out power. Wednesday’s storm took down a neighbor’s tree and the power company disconnected the powerline since it was laying on the ground.

Mileage: 1.22 miles
Time: 28 minutes